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Relationships at The Office

When my husband was a teacher, he never understood why I thought the American version of The Office was so funny. One of my favorite episodes is when Dwight Schrute switches to an exercise ball as a replacement for his desk chair. If you’ve ever had an uncomfortable desk chair, you know what Dwight was trying to achieve. You’ll try any number of gadgets to make sitting in a chair for 8 hours more comfortable.

When you spend so much time with a group of people, you get comfortable with them. If you’re in an open office space like The Office’s set was, you get to know your co-workers very quickly. This makes building relationships easy. It also made being irritated easy.

I have heard that some try to not build relationships with co-workers because “they’re not there to make friends.”

I can’t operate that way. If my friend accidentally leaves her German shorthair dog in his kennel in the back of her truck and takes the dog and the truck through the automatic carwash, I am going to tell you about it. I can’t keep that kind of thing to myself. The dog was fine afterwards, my friend felt terrible but she did say his attitude was a little better afterwards. His name was Axel and his owners sometimes called him something that rhymed with mass hole. But I digress.

While our co-workers can sometimes irritate us we have to remember that we can be annoying too. We can all be mass holes if we haven’t been sleeping well, we’re worried about things at home, or we haven’t been taking care of ourselves properly.

Now that my husband has moved to school administration, he has a better understanding of the humor of the “The Office” and the value of a comfortable chair.

May we all remember to get our dogs out of the back of our trucks before we go through the carwash and keep our scissors away from our co-worker’s exercise ball chair.


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