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"Brent has a passion for offering exceptional real-world training packages for sales teams that service the US animal health market and beyond. We got a lot out of our session he presented and DISC is something we use daily as a result of his efforts to present information in a meaningful way. I recommend using his company as an option for training diverse sales teams."

- Josh Bailey, Past National Sales Manager for Norbrook and current NSM for Covetrus


"Brent is a collaborator, a connector, and has a genuine desire to help others. He has the ability to create high-energy training environments that help teams open up and experience personal growth. I consider his training a great ROI investment for any business, especially agricultural-related."

- Nathan Smith, Former CEO of Kansas Smith Farms


“Ag TeamBuild helped me to discover and understand my strengths. Through the coaching sessions, I also learned how to use my strengths as part of a team. I recommend that every Agriculture company should use Ag TeamBuild to maximize the potential of their employees.”   

- Will Sonderman, Animal science student, and Protein Specialist at Cargill

"A work colleague recommended Brent as a facilitator and he didn't disappoint. Brent was able to use his skills and experience to help create a unique learning experience. The feedback from the participants was very positive Thanks Brent for supporting our team in growth."

- Stuart Forrest, General Manager of Southern Ionics

"Brent Green has a really great talent for building relationships with his customers and adding real value to their business. He will find a way of increasing the value of his visits even when it does not directly impact his own. Brent really understands that trust is needed in order to build a relationship, he is unwilling to sacrifice easy gains at the cost of this trust. He has added value to customers by doing Myers Briggs training with them so that they perform better as a team."

- Mike Daley, Cambridge Technologies


"I was working together with Brent in SE Asia, Europe. Professional, setting and achieving goals, taking risks, and a great team member to work with. If you are looking for sales, new markets, product development, team training, look no further. "

- Egidijus Kasiulevičius, Sales Manager, XVET Germany


"It was great working with Ag TeamBuild. It was convenient to have them on-site to do both the DISC personality assessments and sales training for not only our sales team but also for members of our customer service and technical service teams. Better understanding each of our team members’ personalities along with their strengths and weaknesses, helps us all better interact with one another and understand the strengths and weaknesses of our team as a whole. Ag TeamBuild’s strong background in agricultural sales and leadership coaching made them a great fit for our needs."

- Amy Conrad, National Sales Manager at Osborne Industries. 

"I have really enjoyed using the Cloverleaf platform! It has helped me learn more about myself and how I operate. This has helped me prioritize tasks during my peak energy time to maximize my productivity. I have also learned a lot about my co-workers and their styles of how they operate. I had taken the Clifton Strengths assessment and the DISC assessment prior to using Cloverleaf; however, the combination of assessments on Cloverleaf really helped me put all of the pieces together on bettering myself as a person, student, and professional!"

Marissa N. LaRosae, Business Development Intern

“Cloverleaf is an intuitive product that has increased my emotional intelligence and allowed me to better interact and lead my team of diverse individuals.   The analytics provide accurate assessments and the platform delivers these in applicable ways from Daily Coaching Tips to Team Member Comparison tools and more.  Cloverleaf has improved my communication effectiveness. “

- Mark Dyke, Site Director – Crown Point

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