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Crossing Cultures Workshops


Today's world is changing. I have worked with people from more than 45 countries - and that's becoming a very normal thing in today's business world. We emphasize the basics of cross cultural differences and how to work successfully with people that have a different set of values. We can also design a custom workshop for you designed around specific countries or regions of the world.

Crossing Cultures 101

Communication can be challenging, even with people from our own culture. When you are working 'across cultures' it can be even more challenging. In this session, you'll learn and practice strategies of how to relate to and communicate with people from a different country. We'll go through the 'Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory' to help you develop successful communication strategies.   

Advanced Crossing Cultures

In today's world, we need to be able to relate to a wide variety of people from different countries. You will learn the basics of understanding cultural differences in a fun, active environment. We will also wrestle with how people from other cultures view us as Americans.

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