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Strengths Workshops


Everything we do in these workshops is to help you discover and build on your key strengths. You may or may not know what your key strengths are. After these workshops, you'll have a clear picture of your strengths and how to use them to be successful daily.

Strengths & Talents 101 

We use several different tools in our Strengths workshops. These include assessments such as VIA, Strengthscope, and StrengthsFinder.   We help you to discover and 'unpack' your key strengths and idenfity how to use these in your work and life on a daily basis. 

Advanced Strengths & Talents 

This workshop is a great follow-up workshop. We dig deeper into how to live out your strengths day to day. We will also wrestle with how to make the most of a job or role when you are not in your optimum strength "zone".

Personality & Team Strengths 

Everyone has a personality "type". But did you know that every team has a "type" as well? In the workshop, you will learn to build on top of each individual's strengths as well as determine what your team's strengths are.

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