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Personality Workshops


All of our personality workshops are designed to help you to more fully understand how you are 'wired' and what natural strengths you have. You have a choice between DiSC or MBTI when doing the personality workshops for your organization.

Intro to Personality

We review the basics of personality type and determine your unique personality type (self-type process). This is a great foundation to work from for all our team building workshops.  

Personality 360

Do others view you as yourself? For this workshop, we'll find out! This is an excellent, 3rd workshop in the series on personality. Prior to participating in Personality 360, you'll have the opportunity for up to 10 people to take a mini-MBTI assessment about you. Then, you compare how you view yourself verses how others view you.   

Strengths & Talents 101 

Using Clifton Strengths Strengths Finder, we'll discover together your top 5 strengths. You'll also develop an action plan in how to grow and develop an action plan in how to grow and develop these strengths. Strengths Finder is a great complement to the MBTI - Building series of workshops 

Advanced Strengths & Talents 

This workshop is a great follow-up workshop. We dig deeper into how to live out your strengths day to day. We will also wrestle with how to make the most of a job or role when you are not in your optimum strength "zone".

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Personality & Team Strengths 

Everyone has a personality "type". But did you know that every team has a "type" as well? In the workshop, you will learn to build on top of each individual's strengths as well as determine what your team's strengths are.

Personality & Communication 

Each personality type has genuine strengths in how to communicate. In this workshop, we'll dive into what your greatest communication strengths are and how to communicate best with people that are different than you.

Personality Advanced

An excellent option for the 4th workshop in the team-building series. We'll guide you through the 'Confirmed Type' process in which you make the final decision of which of the 16 personality types fit you best. It's also a fun, active workshop in which you engage well with your teammates to solidify the understanding of the individual strengths of each personality type.   

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