Ag TeamBuild has a passion for people involved in the agricultural industries. We specialize in helping you discover and develop your strengths in the context of team workshops or in 1-on-1 coaching.

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Brent Green

Founder & Coach


   Brent is passionate about helping others recognize their strengths and maximize their effectiveness. He loves watching people 'come to life' when they learn what they are best at and given permission to do the things that they love. 


  His experience spans from successful sales to executive-level management. Also, he has worked in more than 40 countries. Brent has learned a lot about himself, people, and the world through great experiences both in the US and abroad. He also lived for years in Ukraine and loves the culture and the people of Ukraine.

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Kyla Habrock



  Kyla Habrock is attuned to the emotions, needs, and motivations of others. She acts as a facilitator for individual and group growth, believes in others and works to fulfill their potential while fostering meaningful and trusting relationships.


  Kyla married her love, Mat and are the proud parents to one sweet girl, Fallon. Together, they are concert goers, adventure seekers and agricultural advocates who love camping, entertaining, riding bikes, and traveling.

Orlando Gil



  Orlando's passion is to assist businesses “bridge the gap” with the Latino workforce in the agricultural and food related industries as they meet their needs for professional and skilled labor.
  Orlando’s experience in the agricultural industry includes a variety of positions in training, recruiting as well as production areas.  As a certified PQA Plus and TQA advisor he helps support the Pork industry's efforts to maintain a safe, high quality supply of pork."


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