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Is Communication really ‘key’??

Yes, communication skills are ‘key’. We hear this often.

The longer I’ve been in the business world, the more I see this as truly important though.

I write this not as someone who ‘conquered’ communication. I write it as someone who has continued to improve…even though I’ve made mistakes along the way.

I’ve learned what it means to communicate with people from different countries. I’ve learned about how to communicate with people whose personality type is different than mine. I should rephrase here – I continue to learn.

Communication, Skill, Learning, Language

In the months ahead, we’ll be focusing regularly on communication skills. We’ve got a video series that we’ll start next time that highlights key attributes of communicating. We’ve got tips on how to communicate with folks of different backgrounds and personalities.

Yes, communication is key. And…we’ll break it down a bit in some practical ways to how to improve our communication.


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