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Developing Young Teams

Part 3: Giving Them Feedback

Your team needs feedback….whether you realize it or not. And you need feedback as a leader.

Do I really want Feedback from others?

In last month’s letter, we talked about Young Teams and highlighted Springer Family Foods as one of our customers.

How do successful companies make sure their employees get feedback?

It can happen in a variety of ways.

I think the most successful companies have a habit of feedback.

A few years ago, I had a boss that wasn’t too great. But…he did one thing very well.

He gave me feedback on a regular basis.

  • Feedback when we were traveling together

  • Feedback after customer meetings

  • Feedback about how I was relating to others on the team

This type of feedback happens in a natural setting….’ along the way’ of everyday business and everyday life.

Scheduled Feedback

Of course, there’s the opportunity to have more formal or ‘scheduled’ feedback.

  • Monthly meetings

  • Annual reviews

  • Feedback specific meetings

360 Feedback

One of my favorite ways to get feedback is

from my colleagues and friends through a 360.

Martin Family Farms is a great company

that has a culture of feedback.

Melissa Bradford is the Manager of HR for Martin. I’ve seen her give good feedback to her colleagues on a regular basis. She also wants feedback about herself.

Melissa and the whole Martin team are on Cloverleaf (a great platform that helps teams work better together). One of the assessments on the platform is the DiSC.

Melissa took our DiSC 360 Assessment.

She learned how others see her in her work role and in her day-to-day life.

Feedback will help you….

Most of the feedback I receive from others, I really like.

At times…I don’t like it…or I disagree with it.

Feedback is good for me – it helps me to see how I come across to others. It helps me to see if my strengths and talents are recognized. It also helps me to get better.

Feedback will help you. Get feedback today…..


DiSC 360

Want to get feedback in your workplace?

We can help. We offer a variety of feedback tools

for Personality, Skills, Strengths, and more.

Reach out today to schedule your

360 today!

Phone: 785-979-0381.


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