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Developing Young Teams

Somewhere along the way, I realized I wasn’t the youngest one in the room anymore.

Over time, I was drawn to helping mentor and develop young people on the teams I was on.

Then, I lead teams that were full of young, bright people that didn’t have experience. And….I loved it.

Young Teams .

I know people that groan when they talk about having young, inexperienced people on their work teams.

They worry about having to train them.

They worry about them making mistakes.

They worry about their lack of experience.

But…I think it’s a great opportunity.

Over the next few letters, I’ll talk about the benefits of having young people on your teams and how you can help to develop them. We’ll address topics such as:

  • Not being afraid of their lack of experience

  • Helping them to build their skills

  • Helping them to discover their strengths

  • Build up their confidence

If you approach it right, you can have a great experience and they can do as you help them to grow and develop into great people and great talent in the work world.

We’ll have personal stories from people that I’ve known in the US and abroad that have developed high-quality talent.

I’ll tell stories of people that I’ve developed on teams as my roles in different roles in the US and abroad as a VP of Sales and Marketing, a VP of Operations, and an International Director of Sales.

I’ll also tell you about some young people that I’m personally coaching right now in our ‘Bring out Your Best’ Coaching programs.

Stay tuned to learn how to develop your young teams…..


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Bring out the Best in Your Team

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