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Change....for the Better

Navigating Change

How well do you deal with change? Many people fight change.

Some people love it. Why can change be so hard?

Regardless....change is coming at some point in your future. You can bet on it.

A Story of Change

Change and Personality

I've seen all different types of personalities in my work through the years. Any personality type can navigate change well.

On the DISC personality, I'm a high 'I' (Influencer).

I'm naturally wired to want want new experiences. I hate when someone says 'Nobody likes change'. First of all - it's just not true. Second - some weirdos like me need change. It's hard for me to stay fully engaged unless I have regular change in my life and in my work.

My wife is a high 'S' (Steady) personality on the DiSC. She's naturally wired to want a more steady, regular lifestyle. She is absolutely fantastic at her job - working with kids that have special needs. She provides the structure and consistency that they need. She needs that consistency and structure as well.

My wife and I are very different. But - we make it work. We help balance each other out. I don't take as many stupid risks as before I was married. She takes more risks and gets out of her comfort zone more. She's been in a lot different countries with me....has had a lot of new experiences. I've learned to be more measured....less impulsive. We've learned to navigate change together.

Changes will come in your life and career - you can bet on it. Prepare yourself - and navigate through it. You'll be better at it.

(By the way - want to know your DiSC Personality style? Reach out to me...I can set you up!)

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